Useful Tips for Better Electric Motor Maintenance 1

Useful Tips for Better Electric Motor Maintenance

Electric motors are one of the most crucial electrical components that have a massive impact on the company’s profitability and productivity. With technological advancements, electric motors have evolved to become more competent and durable than ever before. However, to ensure that they always perform at their peak, it is necessary to perform regular preventive maintenance checks on it.

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Any equipment or device with a motor requires regular maintenance to enable it to produce the proper amount of power for the job without unnecessary strain. All electrical equipment is vulnerable to breakdowns, which means it requires some planning and inspections. Through periodic inspection and preventive maintenance, all the existing and potential problems with the motor can be identified and addressed ahead of time. The preventive maintenance program helps in preventing expenses on repair and sudden failure. To keep your electric motors running properly and help extend their life expectancy, various factors are to be taken care of, such as proper lubrication, bearing inspection, checking your rotor and stator, motor mount, and keeping records.

Therefore, read our following tips to detect and identify potential problems that the motor may face and bring down unexpected repair expenses. These maintenance tips will provide you with sustained and dependable performance with your motors.

Visual inspections on the motor

It is necessary to conduct a visual inspection of the motor from time to time to identify signs of wear and tear. The physical condition of an electric motor reveals much about its potential issues. Check for the signs of corrosion or dirt buildup on its individual components that can potentially limit the performance of the equipment. Be watchful of issues, such as motor windings and look for a burned odor from overheating, recognize unusual sounds or vibrations, etc. Make sure that the contacts and relay are free from dirt and rust, which are detrimental to the life of the motors.

Check the bearings

One of the most common causes of electric motor breakdown is bearing failure. Therefore, make sure to check that there are no signs of dirt buildup, poor lubrication, or wear and tear. Inspect the motor for any abnormal sounds and address the issue before it does any further damage to the other components of the motor. It is important first to know the type of your motor bearing and then take preventative maintenance measures. The motors with low horsepower don’t need lubrication as these have sealed bearings.

Perform a motor winding test

Testing the motor windings is crucial to identify the existing anomalies or failures in the motor windings. The motor winding tests become compulsory in cases of burn marks, cracks, and odors.

Ensure proper Lubrication

Lubrication is essential to extend the life of a bearing because, without proper lubrication, bearings will wear out prematurely. For ensuring proper lubrication of your electric motor, consider the following points:

  • Don’t over-lubricate your bearings, as it can cause the grease or oil to get into the windings and result in excessive heating.
  • To avoid under greasing, read the manufacturer’s instructions to find out the proper interval for lubrication.
  • Always use the lubricant designated by the manufacturer.

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