4 Easy Maintenance Tips for Your Wall Water Fountain 1

4 Easy Maintenance Tips for Your Wall Water Fountain

Indoor waterfalls have become quite a hot trend these days. Found in corporate offices, lobbies, hotels, and even residential apartments, they instantly add value and beauty to your surroundings. This unique water feature is a piece of distinguished art and could be the perfect addition to your premises. Also, they act as natural humidifiers, adding moisture to a dry room and helping to improve the air quality. Besides this, the waterfall’s sound isn to reduces stress, brings relaxation to your environment and acts as a natural sleeping aid.

Coming with numerous benefits comes a great level of maintenance. Indoor fountains come in many styles and varieties based on materials and sizes. However, each type of indoor waterfall demands a different level of maintenance. For instance, talking about a wall water fountain isn’t exposed to harsh weather conditions and requires only a little effort. Here are some easy tips to upkeep your wall water fountains-

Wall Water Fountain

The right level of water

When getting the fountain, the most important thing is to fill it with the right amount of water, as recommended by its manufacturer, so that the pump is completely submerged in the water. All that is required is your regular attention. Since the water tends to evaporate quickly, you have to keep pouring in the desired amount when needed to ensure the smooth functioning of the water pump.

Keep the water running 24/7

Many people turn off their wall water fountains to save energy bills, but they don’t realize that water is meant to be in constant motion to prevent stagnation and protect it from debris and algae buildup. Moreover, keeping the fountains running continuously prolongs the pump’s life instead of turning it on and off now and then. A pump can last 2-3 years if taken care of properly.

Cleanliness is the key.

Keeping the fountain clean on the outside will not do any good if it is not duly cleaned from the inside. You don’t want to land up with a huge algae population in the water tank by disregarding its clean-up process. All you need to do is turn the fountain off and empty the basin’s water. Wipe the edges and gently clean the inside of the basin with fresh water and a non-abrasive sponge. You can use a glass cleaner; your wall fountain has a glass face.

Use water treatment products.

Typically, distilled water is the best way to prevent algae buildup in wall fountains. However, with large-scale fountains installed on your premises, filling up the huge tank with distilled water becomes practically challenging. In such a case, you can try using water treatment products like Algae Control. Using such products regularly will keep the water fresh, clean, and safe for wildlife.


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