Top 3 Tips for Hiring a Professional Retaining Wall Contractor

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Retaining walls play a vital role in protecting an area and supporting the foundation of property. A concrete retaining wall is also crucial to prevent flooding after heavy rainfall, as well as, to put off erosion. Earlier retaining walls had a dull and boring appearance and their only purpose was to protect the property. However, now retaining walls are used to enhance the visual appeal of an outdoor area.

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Building a durable, as well as, aesthetically pleasing retaining wall requires certain skills. In fact, there are various steps in building and installing a resilient retaining wall. The process requires not just the use of the right materials, but also right professionals. A DIY retaining walls project may seem an exciting idea, but if done incorrectly, it will result in damage to the property and costly repairs. Since it is a tiresome and somewhat complex process, hiring a retaining walls contractor is the best idea.

It is important to know that every contractor is not capable of constructing a durable retaining wall. Over the past few years, the rates of retaining wall failure have increased dramatically which has caused a loss of millions of dollars in property damage. So, if you want to start a retaining wall project, here are some essential guidelines that you can follow to increase your chances of hiring a contractor who is skilled and reliable.

1. Check License and Insurance

When hiring a contractor to build a retaining wall, make sure to check all the legal formalities of your state. Constructing a retaining wall, particularly over three feet tall, requires a licensed retaining wall contractor. In addition to this, the professional you hire must have at least ten years of experience in building walls. Also, ask them to show you a copy of their general liability certificate. Since injuries and damage to property are common, insurance is a must so that you’re not held responsible. The professional you hire should understand the challenges that come with building a concrete retaining wall. It is the responsibility of the company to ensure that all types of permits are in place before starting the project.

2. Check the Quality Equipment and Materials used

Next, you need to make sure that the contractor uses the best quality material and proper tools for building your retaining wall. An experienced structural retaining wall contractor has the knowledge to suggest the best material according to the type of wall you want. Different materials require different equipment and methods for installing the new wall. A skilled and qualified company will work with industry-standard equipment and tools to build an aesthetically appealing and durable retaining wall.

3. Ask for a warranty and written contract

The retaining wall builder you select should be able to provide you with a written warranty that specifies what is covered and what is not. Before finalizing any company, check online for what should ideally be covered under warranties. Moreover, a reliable contractor will provide you with a detailed written contract which should include complete job details. Make sure you understand and agree with all the points mentioned in it.

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