Bunk Bed Shopping Guide 1

Bunk Bed Shopping Guide

Bunk beds are a great solution for rooms with little space. With those cool stairs and quirky designs, they also add an element of fun and excitement to your kids’ bedroom. While shopping around in the market, the options you will get are endless—with storage, without storage, without steps, or with slides, and the list goes on.

However, as a parent, the safety of your kids is of utmost importance when choosing any furniture for their room. If your kids are very small, you should surely consider installing them in their room. But, if you have teenage kids, installing bunk beds is the best option, provided all preventive measures are taken.

Picking the right kind of bunk bed shouldn’t be a hasty decision; all crucial factors, like height, material, storage, etc., should be considered.

Here is a brief shopping guide to help you in buying the appropriate bunk bed for your kids –

  1. The age of your kids should be kept in mind.

The age of the kids plays an important role in deciding whether to buy bunk beds. Experts suggest that children under the age of 6 shouldn’t sleep on the top bunk as they are at high risk of falling during mid-sleep. Moreover, young children usually wake up during the night, and climbing down a ladder in that sleepy mode can be dangerous for them.

Remember that just like any other furniture, buying a bunk bed has to be done after determining your needs precisely.

  1. Take correct measurements of the room.

As previously mentioned, bunk beds help save room space, but at the same time, they take up enough space in terms of height. Since one bed and other accessories like stairs, ladders, etc. are installed above the other, you need to see if the room’s height even permits it.

To do that, you must take precise measurements of your kids’ room first and then find the bed that matches your requirements and perfectly fits the area without looking out of place.

  1. Discuss the types of beds and the additional features available in the market.

Investing in simple bunk beds is cost-effective but is plain boring. With high-rise demand for bunk beds, many new styles and types have been introduced, such as twin-over-twin, twin-over-full, and lofted beds. There are bed configurations with triple sleeping surfaces as well. Moreover, special features like study areas, storage boxes, playing slides, etc., are also available.


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