All That You Need To Know About Apostille 1

All That You Need To Know About Apostille

Most people get confused by the term apostille. The process allows documents given in one country to be accepted. It is considered a legal document and shows that the document you have is permitted to be used abroad. So, the next time you come across this question, que es apostille un documento? You will know it means legalizing a document to use in another country.


What is an Apostille Certificate?

It is a certificate with the authentication to be used in another country. You can get it from the country when the document originates. When it has the certificate attached, you will know about the authenticity of the seals and signatures, and you can freely use it. The authority who gets the document will accept the signatures and seals and not request additional evidence.

The certificate is used to confirm a seal, signature, or stamp and can be presented in another country. There is a specific format to give the information.

  • The place of issue
  • The country of issue
  • Issuing authority
  • The person who signed the document
  • The capacity of the person who signed it
  • The certificate number
  • Issuing authority stamp

How Can You Get The Apostille

Most documents such as passports, birth certificates, and patents that need to use in foreign countries, need to have some authentication. The process is termed legalization, and it needs official from the same land through the foreign Embassy. The Consulate of that country will need to authenticate the document.

You need to know that the process can be time-consuming and hectic. But, it is a better process for public documents that you need to use abroad. Most countries are working to ensure that the process is simplified. Some of the authentication countries have reduced the process to a single formality.

The Requirements Needed

Apostilles will authenticate all the signatures and seals for public documents like court orders and birth certificates. They can also do it on papers that federal agencies issue. Before you submit the documents for authentication, the following need to be met:

  • You need to notarize all the documents in front of the notary public. In case it is through the county, it needs to be done by a court clerk when the commissioning happens.
  • If it is through the state, the documents need certification by the secretary, where you’ll get the document notarized.

Below is the process to follow when notarizing and certifying a document:

  • Make sure the paper is issued to you
  • Then the article needs to be notarized
  • When the application goes through successfully, the certification will be done by a court clerk.
  • Remember to have the court clerk certification before the secretary certifies the document.

Countries Accepting the Apostille Certificate

The belief is that for the apostille to be acceptable, it needs to be a member of the apostille convention. It is an international treaty by the Hague Conference on Private International Law. You will be able to know about the issued documents through their modalities. Some countries that have adopted these modalities include Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, and more.


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