What To Do If You Find A Glass Bong In Your Kid’s Room 1

What To Do If You Find A Glass Bong In Your Kid’s Room

Whether you used to smoke in your youth or not, finding a glass bong hidden in your child’s room or stashed in the garage can be a complex and distressing matter. There’s no written in stone guide for these types of situations because everybody is different. Something like this should be treated in a personalized manner according to your own family’s circumstances. However, a lack of confrontation could allow things to escalate, and an overly aggressive fight can do the same. Quite understandably, this sort of thing is pretty paralyzing for some parents, so this article will give you a few tips to think about if you ever find yourself in need of them.
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Keep in mind who your child is as a person. There’s a big difference between finding a glass bong in a straight-A student’s closet and if he were a total delinquent that’s always rebelling and causing trouble. Age is a huge factor as well. If they’re 17 or nearing 18, it can be difficult to reprimand them for something like this because if they plan to move out soon, they’ll likely increase their resistance to your authority. Trust me, and I was like that. It’s always a good idea to give your sons or daughters the benefit of the doubt, even if you don’t want them smoking or doing drugs at a young age. That doesn’t mean telling them it’s okay to keep doing it, but try to resist the strength of your initial emotions and instead have a calm and mature conversation.

Conversation with your child, person to person, is the best way to make them respect your thoughts and opinions. The worst thing you can do is tell them anything along the lines of “listen to me because I am your mother/father.” Don’t try to take shortcuts and explain exactly why you think they should wait before smoking, or at least be honest with you about any drug use at all. Show them you respect them as people and understand whatever reason they may have for experimenting, and the easier it will be to get them to cooperate and compromise.


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