Ways To Check Your Airtel Recharge Details and Validity Online 1

Ways To Check Your Airtel Recharge Details and Validity Online

People may have questions about their Airtel prepaid balance for various reasons. They might want to check their balance to ensure they have enough credit to make calls, send Text messages, and use data services. Checking the prepaid balance can also help to determine which prepaid plans and offers are available and whether to activate or renew a specific Airtel plan. With the Airtel Thanks App, you can easily check your Airtel recharge details and browse through a wide range of Airtel recharge plans. Read on to learn how to check this information online.

Airtel Recharge

How to check your Airtel online recharge validity?

Mentioned below are the steps to check your prepaid recharge validity online.

  • You can check your Airtel prepaid balance in three different ways. The first method using the Airtel Thanks app, is probably the simplest. To prevent your balance on the go.
  • Log in to the Airtel Thanks app using your Airtel number and OTP.
  • Tap the prepaid account on the home screen, and then choose ‘Account Balance’.
  • Choose “Data Balance” from the same menu to view your remaining data.
  • Tap “Browse Plans” and select from the available options if you want to purchase a plan.

Customers should sign in to their accounts using their prepaid mobile numbers on the Airtel website. Your account’s balance, validity, and packs can also be checked online, which is the second option. Cn the Airtel website. You can see all the necessary details about the active groups on the first page. On the home screen, under the ‘View Packs’ option, are details about the various plans offered.

The third method is to dial 12113# from your prepaid mobile number to acquire information about your current packs and plans. Dial *121#, and you can view several other options. You can browse through them and select the one that suits your requirements.

Airtel self-care service

You can check your prepaid balance by using the Airtel Self-Care service. The steps are as follows:

  • Navigate to the Airtel Self-care assistance service.
  • Then, enter your mobile phone number and log in with the OTP sent to your phone.
  • You can now see your main and data balance on the self-care service dashboard.

How to check for offers and cashback on your Airtel recharge?

Airtel Payments Bank provides a plethora of prepaid recharge options. You can search for them and get them by following these simple steps:

  • Visit the website www.airtel.in/bank/.
  • Choose the Main Menu Tab
  • Select Offers
  • Check your bill payment offers.

How to make an online Airtel recharge via Airtel Payments Bank?

You can top up your data pack using Airtel Payments Bank.

  • Go to the Airtel website or download the Airtel Thanks App.
  • Log in to your Airtel account. Follow these steps to get your data recharged in minutes:
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Choose Airtel as your Operator
  • Select your Circle
  • Fill in the prepaid recharge amount
  • Click the ‘Proceed’ button
  • Log in using your registered mobile number and mPIN
  • Choose a payment method
  • Complete the portable prepaid payment procedure.

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