'Sexy but overpriced': Kim Kardashian’s real-estate agent snubs Sydney property market 1

‘Sexy but overpriced’: Kim Kardashian’s real-estate agent snubs Sydney property market

Josh Altman walks onto the level, nodding and smiling even though he’s heard the funniest element and can’t wait to share it.

He introduces himself as  “real property-a-holicâ€. He explains:  “See, I’m addicted to actual property.†He asks who of the target audience shares his dependancy, and about a hundred fingers cross up of a crowd several times that length.

 “Are there any real property sellers here?â€

 “Too many, †mutters a female in the back of me.

 “How many of you have a real-estate dream?â€

Kim Kardashian

I placed my hand up. However, my real estate dream – quickly becomes obvious, then is relentlessly hammered home over the path of ninety minutes – could be very extraordinary to Josh Altmanâ€┠¢s.

The star of the reality TV show A Million Dollar List l. a., he purports to be the arenaâ€┠‘s most successful actual property agent. He has sold more than US$2bn in actual estate, which includes the most steeply-priced one-bedroom house in history for US$20m.
He says he has more than US$350m in listings at any given time. His customers include Kim Kardashian West, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Wes Craven, Denise Richards, Ashton Kutcher, and Mila Kunis.

Altman has the “finest activity in the globalâ€, he says: “I get to be part of the American dream.â€

On Tuesday night, he shared the secrets of his success with ticket holders at the megastar activities center in Sydney. The city has one of the most inflated property markets in the world. The median residence rate is upwards of 7 figures or about 12 times what the middle-earnings Sydney household earns in a year.

My real estate dream is to personalize a few in the future. Josh Altmanâ€┠¢s real property dream, as he tells it, is a literal nighttime hallucination of approximately making a 5% fee on a $200m mansion.  “I was going to promote it; I used to be going to make $10m –, then my spouse woke me up, †he says.

Tickets for the event, subsidized by Rolls-Royce, ranged from $49 to $199. The  “rockstar revels in a bundle, which includes a selfie and a handshake with Altman and a pre-occasion champagne reception, changed into limited to 30 spots for $997 each.

More people had taken advantage of this deal from a cursory inspection of the premises than I’d predicted. I had predicted 0.
However, Altman is a rock star among actual property agents, all the more aspirational for his humble beginnings, which he labors over renting a couch to sleep on in a frat residence, skating to his process at a mailroom.
Together with his older brother Matt –, his enterprise partner, who later joined him on his degree –, they stored US$5,000 and went in on a $400,000 condo. Once upon a time in the US, he says there has been a hundred financing.  “and that wonder why the economy collapsed!â€

The condominium offered for $600,000. The first thing he did was buy a Jeep.

 “but for me, I desired to make extra money, †he explains, a habitual theme of the nighttime.

He studied for his real estate license. He failed two times. Then he was given it. That’s what counts for adversity inside the Josh Altman tale. Later, he talks about the choice process for A Million Dollar List Angeles: one of 200 potential candidates.  “My possibilities have been amazing, †he says with sarcasm. He got it.

At 26, Altman became a loan broker, set up his own company, and hired all his friends.  “At lunch weâ€┠¢d all visit the health club and play basketball, and then we’d come lower back and near deals, †the well-known shows. Before lengthy, they’d traded their Jeeps for Ferraris, he says.

It seems like Entourage, I think, derisively.

“you recognize that film Entourage?†says Altman.  “It turned into a type of like that.â€.

Then, the economic system collapsed. Even as the good instances were rolling, he says, he stopped paying interest. He’d bought a $2.5m castle.  “I used to be a millionaire by the age of 26, and I was broke by the age of 26 and a half.

He likens it to the Seinfeld episode where Jerry takes the offer of a seat in first elegance because Elaine hasn’t ever been and so doesn’t recognize what sheâ€⠓¢s missing out on.  “That changed my lifestyle. I knew exactly what I was missing, †he says.
This was Josh Altmanâ€┠‘s rock backside: making an $800,000 loss on his fort, having his luxury automobiles taken away, a brush with melancholy. Then comes the redemption, nearly biblical in his retelling: the soles of his shoes carrying out from his pounding the pavement, evenings spent icing his knuckles after days of door-knocking.

Hard paintings pay off is the lesson right here. Certainly, one of several has been for the gathered Australian actual estate agents. The first is  “Get a reality display. It facilitates.â€

He’s joking, but what does assistance mean in promoting luxury properties worth hundreds of thousands of greenbacks to people with just that to burn? Mansions of between $1m and $5m are  “flying off the shelvesâ€, says Altman; his clients are most of the richest celebrities in the world. (No wonder they  “love what they do, his number 1 rule for fulfillment.)


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