Income tax raids on Kannada movie producers

Around 30 teams of earnings tax (I-T) officials on Thursday done simultaneous raids throughout 27 places in Bengaluru focused on actors and producers of these days launched large-finances Kannada films.

The I-T branch confirmed the raids on Kannada film producers Rockline Venkatesh, C.R. Manohar, and Vijay Karaganda. It additionally raided premises of actors Puneet Rajkumar, Shivraj Kumar, Sudeep, and Yash, among others. “Eight people were raided,” said an I-T authentic, inquiring for anonymity. Around 180 officials have been worried about the raids.

When contacted, Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce spokesperson declined to comment on the raids.

Opposition parties have accused the Centre of misusing I-T and different government organizations to target combatants. The Centre has, however, justified the movements as a crackdown on cash laundering.

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Though the department did no longer make any reputable remark, officials talking anonymously stated that the raids were conducted after a number of those producers invested remarkable amounts of cash to make Kannada films in advance this 12 months that went onto turn out to be huge business successes.

The Yash starrer, KGF, one of the most costly movies made in Kannada, is inching toward the ₹a hundred and fifty crore mark in worldwide collections, according to alternate analysts. The period drama becomes dubbed in numerous other languages as properly, wherein the movie has crushed stiff opposition from big Bollywood manufacturing houses starring superstars.

The branch additionally carried out raids in Chennai where famous eateries and hotel chains had been scanned. A general of 32 locations had been searched, confirmed the IT department.

Residences and places of work of the administrators and owners of Saravana Bhavan, Hot Breads, Anjappar organization, and Grand Sweets came under the scanner over allegations of tax evasion.

Saravana Bhavan, which has been in business considering 1981, is one of the maximum famous motel chains and has outlets in 20 countries. While it has approximately 25 branches in India, extra than 60 branches of its eating place function foreign places

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When to assume EIC Refunds in 2018

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