Immersive Technologies Creating A New Wave Of Innovation For Automotive Industry

Posted on by Jose K. Taing

When we consider the future of the automotive industry, self-driving cars and electric motors come to mind. But there is also remarkable potential in different revolutionary technologies. Immersive media, including augmented reality and virtual reality, will deeply change the automotive industry and are already starting to redefine the patron and worker enjoy Anil Sondur, Executive Vice President, Embedded Technology, Industrial Design, and Visual Content, Tata Elxsi, in an interplay with Siddharth Shankar from BW Businessworld talks approximately some of those new technologies and how they may be impacting the complete car industry.
Q Where do you think these new technologies suit within the car industry.
An In car enterprise we’re using this technology in three areas. The first one is product development, the second one is advertising, and 0.33 is training. So those are the three areas where we’re making use of the augmented reality virtual reality and immersive reality in the car industry
Q How do those technology resource in Product improvement, Marketing, and training?
A – Product Development :
now what is happening is. Augmented reality and immersive reality are now playing a completely key function in permitting human beings – engineering people, design people, and management humans to visualise in depth the product development, whether or not it’s miles a full vehicle level or at a particular issue degree they’re able to now do it, across more than one places the use of devices like Oculus or Hololens and without moving from their region. While having a very in-depth view of each thing within the automobile. Tata Elxsi is facilitating this via developing routines and writing code. On the pinnacle of off the available shelf platform and customizing that for each Automotive OEM’s product development technique.

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