Real Estate: 'This is definitely a growing-up record' 1

Real Estate: ‘This is definitely a growing-up record’

The wood-fence suburbia mythologized using real property doesn’t” wisely tally with our cutting-edge location: a strip-lit East Anglian retail park. But there “¢s a N” ndoâ€┠¢s ins” get and handiest certainly one of them has been before, so right here we are in the front of a plate of spicy chicken wings and corn cobs as lead guitarist Matt Mondanile, all tan, and cheekbones, tries to pin down real estateâ€┠¢s spe” if magic:  “Weâ₠“â” ¢re ma” ing a song that our excessive-faculty selves would have preferred, †he says,  “[The s “ngs are] approximately nature, landscape, our bodies of water.â€

Real Estate

Evocative, pastoral imagery and high faculty linger in real property sou” d and story. Theirs is the lyrical suburbia of John Cheever and Updike: safe and quiet, boring however romanticized. Wrenching beauty from the mundane might also have become a creative cliche, but it is not” smooth to pull off as effortlessly as Real Estate did on their self-titled debut album and its follow-up Days. Atlas, their 0.33 and satisfactory so far, has subtle as opposed to reinvented this blueprint. The band recorded it in weeks closing autumn in Wilcoâ€⠓¢ ‘sChi” ago home studio with that bandâ€⠓¢ ‘sports” user, Tom Schick. 24-year-antique drummer Jackson Pollis (ex-Tiny Masters of today) joined the band in 2011, and former ladies’ladies’rdist Matt Kallman turned reeled in for the Atlas sessions. The result is a fuller sound but also a more forlorn one.

 “humans, “say it; however, to me, itâ€┠¢s now” not an unhappy report, itâ€┠¢s ext” based †says singer and lead songwriter Martin Courtney.  “I was “seeking to write extra about my gift-day lifestyle, that’s that’s then writing stories or embellished memories from developing up. It is to write approximately the beyond and make it sound extra romantic – this is a growing file.â€

Courtney, 29, married his lady friend Heather in 2012, and they had an infant girl in May, months after Atlas got here out. Despite hailing from New Jersey and being affiliated with the Brooklyn song scene, he talks about an urge to leave ny.  “I assume deep down, and I’ve co “instantly recognized I’ve de “ired to be a dad within the suburbs, †he says, with an embarrassed snicker. Even as most younger artists flee to the Big Apple to break out of the suburbs, Martinâ€┠‘s esc” prism involves fantasizing about returning there.

A lot has been made of the reality that he, bassist Alex Bleeker, and Mondanile all grew up in the affluent town of Ridgewood. Courtney began playing piano, taught by a neighbor, at the age of his mother and father, who are each successful realtors (or estate marketers because they have been). In center faculty, he bonded with Alex over Weezer and met Mondanile, a year above him, on the bus to high school.

 “He was “listening to some band –, the Impossibles –, on his Walkman, and he asked if I wanted to pay attention.†Mondanileâ€┠¢s hai” was dyed blue on time (finished particularly for a journey to the Warped Tour competition).  “This o “der man desired to be friends with me, and it was cool, †he recalls.  “A 12 m “nths is a huge deal at that age, expanded as teenage friendships are; he started out hanging out with Mondanileâ€┠¢s buds” ies and auditioned as a bass participant for one in all their bands (the gig went to  “a man “who graded above me, had a vehicle and could pressureâ€). More than one week later, on his 15th birthday, he located himself mildly freaking out.

 “I date “mined that because I was in a band and all our pals had been in bands … that we should play a display in my mother and father’s” backyard, †he explains.  “We inv “ted every person that we knew, and it has become a much larger, scarier issue than I concept it was going to happen; he hosted his very own mini pageant for his 15th birthday.


“That’s exactly what it was. It was traumatic and embarrassing – all our aunts and uncles got here –, and most of these other youngsters we’d met “at high school. I worried, but it ended up being an epic evening and possibly the entirety of rockâ€┠¢nâₔ â” ¢roll supposed to be while you’re younger.â€

That September, 14 years ago, is remembered as the first time he, Bleeker, and Mondanile performed a stay show collectively. The three stayed close, went  “off to “hippy schools, and said most of their pals were still the ones from lower back home. Ridgewood lies 20 miles northwest of Manhattan with a populace of 25,000, a median family income of $198k, and a normal listing as one of the top 25 locations to live in the u.s.

 “We have “been capable of doing artwork and music due to the fact our dad and mom worked hard and have been comfortable, †says Bleeker, rely-of-reality about the creativity afforded by privilege. “It’s something we know and are extraordinarily grateful for.â€

Later, while asked if they fear approximately making enough cash from the actual estate to live to tell the tale, Mondanile points to Courtney and jokes:  “Proper “y, he definitely issues, he desires to worry approximately three people now!† “positi “need it this way, †says Bleeker,  “we don “¢â‚¬â” ¢t have “2nd jobs, and if we had been in it for the cash … we might be lots richer doing something else.â€


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