How to Choose a Communication Platform As a Service 1

How to Choose a Communication Platform As a Service

Enterprise communication is always challenged to keep up with trends, times, and technologies. CPaaS innovation (Communication-Platform-as-a-Service) has recently tried to remedy this recurring challenge.

For many businesses, CPaaS enables the integration of various communication applications, such as WhatsApp messaging, SMS, and automated emails, into new or existing software. This helps them eliminate the need to create new app structures and develop flexible omnichannel communication tools to improve customer experience.

As with every technology solution, the many CPaaS providers make choosing difficult. Yet, tech is only effective if a company uses it well. Here are some things to consider when selecting a CPaaS provider:

developer community and what they talk about. Developers reach out to online forums and their online counterparts when they face a problem with a code. Ensure the provider has an active and supportive developer community and forum before subscribing to their service. This can also be a great source of knowledge for your team and reassurance of available support.

CPaaS provider you choose should provide a range of communication or messaging APIs for your business needs, such as:
  • WhatsApp Business API
  • Facebook API
  • Telegram API

You can also consider other types of API that allow for video or voice calls, emails, push notifications, RSS feeds, or emergency service calls. This will enable the service to integrate with an endless list of your applications’ communications features.

Reliability and Security

Businesses use communications as their key element in developing and maintaining customer relationships. For the security of your customer relationships, it’s imperative to choose a CPaaS provider that’s reliable and secure. The best provider should be transparent about their solution’s uptime and open about their software’s compliance with various data privacy security regulations, both nationally and globally.

Customer Management

To many, customer management appears like a no-brainer, but it’s a critical component of a quality CPaaS provider. A provider should have an account manager dedicated to every customer. Consider whether the providers’ use cases, processes, and communication procedures fit your needs. Only settle for a provider that can serve you as a key customer.


A CPaaS solution should simplify and accelerate your digital transformations, regardless of where your business is in its journey. It should also have a great community to complement its customer service and support. Choose a CPaaS provider that fits your budget and provides unique features for your business and customer service needs.


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