Tech Is Only Effective If Companies Know How To Use It 1

Tech Is Only Effective If Companies Know How To Use It

A lacking “g”. That’s all it took to inspire this column. And leave me thinking what’s the point of probably getting the greatest generation if human beings don’t understand how to use it.

Let me explain. Two days earlier than Christmas — for my nephew’s birthday — we buy him an e-gift card to his favored restaurant on Amazon.Com that they may immediately e-mail to him. I enter his mother’s e-mail account because of the shipping deal. She called me an hour later and told me she in no way received the e-card. I tested and recognized I’d missed a “g” within the domain call of her email deal. Completely my fault — I get it. Teaches me for using my cell phone to complete the order without carrying my glasses. No hassle, I determine. I log into our Amazon account and choose the “resend” choice, this time coming into the right email address. It won’t undergo. I strive 12 extra times — even coming into my own account e-mail address for a replica. When that fails, I try to absolutely refund the purchase and begin from scratch — and Amazon maintains blocking me. So after a while of looking the website for help — Amazon hides it nicely — my wife finds a chat choice.

There, Amazon’s rep tells me he’ll cope with the trouble proper away. Ninety minutes later, he admits he and his manager cannot get any further along than I did by myself. I asked if he could please provide me the Amazon customer service number. He says he can not (what are they defensive there, I’m thinking); however, he takes my quantity. Almost immediately, my smartphone’s ringing. It’s a distinctive Amazon consultant, dashing to my help. Long tale short: 45 mins pass, and this rep can get no similarly than I already have. So I requested to speak together with her supervisor. A few moments later, a supervisor comes on the road and tells me she will clear up my issue for me. I pass into an extended clarification of what has been transpiring for an ultimate couple of hours. She tells me now not to worry. Long tale quick, the only manner she will treat the situation — and nearly a half-hour later — is by refunding me the present card price on a previous purchase we made on Amazon several weeks in the past. You have were given to be kidding me.

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Isn’t Amazon the company that proudly gives smooth returns? Don’t they have more generations than pretty much every other employer around? And they can not even refund a one-hour antique gift card that turned into emailed to the incorrect address?

During my 66-minute phone communique with Amazon, I changed into posting irritated tweets approximately the service I was receiving. I even tagged Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in the one’s tweets. The tweets have already acquired 570 impressions with dozens of retweets and likes as I write this column. Apparently, I am now not the most effective one that has long passed through a comparable state of affairs with this corporation. I checked nowadays, and the refund appears to have been credited to our credit scorecard. So the supervisor probably finished what she set out to do, which in some bizarre manner was to remedy the state of affairs.

But that still leaves me very uncomfortable with how all of this technology that Amazon and others I’ve handled (like whilst USPS lost a passport) in the past year have. They don’t arm themselves with folks who can honestly grasp the technology. Isn’t that the point of the era, to make existence simpler? Apparently, it doesn’t co-exist with commonplace sense in some locations.

This revel in has renewed my intention in this column for 2019: To entirely report on merchandise that nicely uses era — and to bypass or single out the one’s products that don’t make paintings efficaciously proper out of the field. Wish me good fortune.

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