Things You Need to Know About Bank Vaults 1

Things You Need to Know About Bank Vaults

For most of us, bank vaults are only a part of the clever bank heist movies where criminals tend to break the vaults with their so-called tactics, but in real life, such crimes are very rare. That’s because bank vaults and vault doors are installed and made with sturdy materials and compound technology, making it hard for any unauthorized person to misuse them.

The reason for building them so powerful is they have to hold valuable goods, gold, or tons of cash that, if lost or taken away by the criminals, can result in massive chaos within the city, leading to a huge loss. Besides heists and criminal attacks, there could be damages caused by fire, floods, and any catastrophe that can destroy valuables and relevant documents. Therefore, vaults and other covert bunkers play a major role in securing precious goods. Let us look at some of the features that many bank vaults have-

Bank Vaults

1) They are Fire-Resistant-

Almost all the reputed banks have fire-resistant safes and vaults installed in the basement. The main advantage of installing a fire-resistant vault is to offer protection. Fire can occur anytime due to short circuits, electrical breakage, intentional fire breakout by a naughty person, or smoking irresponsibly near the electricals. In such cases, fire-resistant vaults can protect the contents kept inside them. Besides, they have proven to be effective in the case of tornadoes or hurricanes.

These vaults come in various sizes and shapes and can be installed anywhere, whether in a basement, drawer, room, or underground. The amount of essential stuff a bank has and which vault it opts for depends on this.

2) Incorporated with Latest Technology-

Earlier, locking systems were restricted to manually operated locks and keys. Still, with the advent of technology, security systems have been updated with sensors, passwords, and fingerprints that restrict their use to authorized or restricted users.

Many vaults are installed with multi-locking systems and fingerprint authorization for extra protection. In contrast, many banks provide enhanced technology features that use physics concepts with I.T.

In addition, the vault rooms are equipped with security camera systems that monitor the vault’s daily activities.

3) They are Built to Withstand Almost Everything-

Some Bank vaults are built to last with ultra-secure technology, which means some are built to survive even a nuclear blast. However, such vaults are only installed in highly important government-reserved banks. They are extremely costly and mostly custom-built to match the security levels so that nothing goes wrong with the contents inside the vault.

4) They are Designed to Keep Unusual Things and are Untraceable at Times-

Many bank vaults keep gold, jewels, diamonds, and highly important documents besides tons of cash. Sometimes, these vaults are placed so nobody can trace them except for the officials responsible.


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