The Commercial Window Tinting Industry 1

The Commercial Window Tinting Industry

Why Should Business Owners Tint Their Windows?

Window tinting isn’t limited to vehicles. Commercial window tinting does much more than darken the glass to help block the light. In fact, since the 1960s, business owners have relied on window film for security and a reduction of energy use, significantly as commercial window film grew in popularity during the energy crisis of the 1970s. Should you have a professional apply window film to your commercial building? Probably! Check out these three reasons businesses turn to commercial window tinting industry professionals.

Save Money on Utility Bills

The sun shines directly into your commercial building, creating hot spots. Your team members adjust the thermostat to maintain their comfort.

But the excellent window film can prevent those hot spots – or cold spots in the winter – from occurring. Window film helps your commercial building maintain its temperature by adding a layer of insulation to the glass and rejecting the sun’s rays.


Because there’s no longer a need to adjust the thermostat and use more energy, you could save up to 10 percent every month on your utility bills. This means you’ll see a quick return on your investment when you pay for and install window film.

Protect Your Inventory

Window film protects everything inside your business, including your furnishings and inventory. The benefits may be two-fold depending on the type of film you choose.

First, UV-ray-blocking film prevents your furnishings and merchandise from fading in the sun. UV rays are the ones that cause skin cancer, and they can also damage your business’s interior. Faded furniture, cracking plastics, and other not-so-aesthetically pleasing things occur due to the sun.

Security film is another option. This extra-thick, durable film holds glass together to help prevent it from shattering. It can be enough to deter criminals from entering your business, and you’ll never have to sweep up broken glass.

Keep Your Employees More Comfortable

The glaring sun is distracting, hot, and bad for the skin. If your commercial building suffers from these problems, it’s a safe bet that your employees are taking measures to correct or avoid them. Did you know that people who sit just inside windows all day long are at greater risk of developing skin cancer?

How can you tell the sun is a problem? Your team members may turn the air conditioning up, block off part of the window to keep the sun from shining in their eyes, or not want to sit near the window if the heat is terrible or if they’re concerned about their skin.

A window film resolves all of these problems. First, it can help regulate the indoor temperature in your building. Second, it can block glare so your team members can see their computer screens more clearly. Third, window film can block harmful rays so that your team members don’t feel like they need to carry a tube of SPF with them at all times.

Always Get Professional Installation

It may seem easy to install window film, but getting it done right without bubbles or gaps takes an experienced hand. A professional window film installer gets the job done neatly and quickly without trapping dust particles or other debris in the film.

Best of all, window film can be installed in nearly any type of weather, as it’s applied to the inside of the glass. So why wait to protect your commercial building and everything with window tint film?


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