How to Find Aircraft for Sale Online 1

How to Find Aircraft for Sale Online

Shopping for a Private Jet Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

If you’ve worked hard to build your fortune and need a fast way to travel around the world to maintain your businesses, you’re likely in the market for a private jet.

Unfortunately, finding an aircraft for sale without the right knowledge and tools can be a frustrating experience, fraught with scam artists, unethical sales practices, misleading listings, and more.

To avoid mishaps in the jet-buying process, you must start your search using a reputable listing site and an ethical broker or dealer. Here’s how you can get started and locate the best jet for you and your business.

1991 Astra/Gulfstream 1125 Astra SP

What Can You Afford?

Private aircraft come in a wide range of sizes, and generally, the larger they are, the more expensive they are to own and operate. It’s not just the purchase price that increases; it’s also all the associated fixed and flexible costs, such as insurance policies, hangar fees, airport fees, fuel, crew salary and training, maintenance, and more.

Not everyone benefits from full jet ownership, and many people’s needs are more than satisfied with fractional ownership, charter flights, or jet card programs. If you aren’t traveling at least 200 hours per year in your jet, owning one may not be the best financial decision.

Read Listings on Only the Best Websites

If you’ve been browsing listings of private jets for sale on a website that allows anyone to make an account without credentials and post jets available to buy, stop that immediately. These websites are full of inaccuracies and misleading posts and are a waste of your precious time.

Instead, look for aircraft listing websites that require proven aviation industry credentials before posting ads. You can tell whether a website fits these criteria based on the private aviation service providers willing to partner with them or recommend them. A respected industry organization should manage the site.

Work with a Dealer or Broker You Can Trust

To find aircraft for sale and complete its purchase is a complex process that you shouldn’t attempt to navigate alone. A reputable aircraft dealer or broker offers protection from issues you want to avoid during the aircraft acquisition process and helps to ensure your transaction goes smoothly.

There are thousands of aircraft dealers worldwide, but only a few vows to abide by a strict code of ethics in their dealings with aircraft buyers. It’s in your best interest to work with one of these dealers, who are more focused on helping you get the right private jet than making money from you.

Have Faith in the Jet-Buying Process

Once you’ve found a private jet you’d like to buy, you’ll need to complete the entire purchase process, taking up to a year or more. Being patient and following each step will be rewarded with ownership of an aircraft that serves you and your business.

During the process, you’ll need to prove that you can afford to purchase the plane and have the insurance policies to protect it. You’ll also need to carefully follow all national and international laws regarding owning and operating an aircraft. It can be a very complex process, so you should rely on your broker or dealer to guide you through.

There’s light at the end of the long tunnel: private jet ownership and the convenience of traveling without the burdens of commercial jet restrictions.


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