How real estate startup, Square Yards grew to 100+ crores in revenue in 22 months 1

How real estate startup, Square Yards grew to 100+ crores in revenue in 22 months

The real estate quarter has seen a lot of booms in India inside the beyond few years, with hundreds of thousands of greenbacks been invested inside the online, actual property area. Whilst many gamers have stuck the public’s eye via their merchandise and advertising techniques, cracking the business version and producing consistent revenues has been a mission for many others.
Rectangular Yards, a real property startup focussing on the NRI section, claims to have lately crossed Rs 100 crores in net revenues, with a gross transaction price of an extra of USD 450 million. The startup did so by focussing on key enterprise metrics- sales, profitability, and marketplace percentage. It additionally scaled up its presence to 21 cities and six international locations with a worker strength of greater than 900. Here is the agency’s increase tale:


square Yards turned into founded in October 2013 with investment banker and IIM-Lucknow alumnus Tanuj Shori and Kanika Gupta, a wealth manager. Ṭhe husband-spouse duo, based in Hong Kong at that point, noticed an opportunity in NRIs. Many needed to invest in Indian real estate however did now not have to get admission to the independent facts to do studies and considered necessary to assist and submit transaction services.
The founders researched real estate in one-of-a-kind micro-markets of the top 10 Indian towns and started sharing it with the NRI network. When they discovered the NRI demand flowing in, the organization fast increased its base in India to organize places of work in pinnacle metro towns and construct relationships with top builders. The duo additionally set up an internet site to facilitate end-consumer research on Indian residential micro-markets.

Bootstrapping and scaling up

Over the subsequent one-and-a-half years, square Yards mounted its presence in 15 Indian towns and 5 nations. They claimed to have received a virtual monopoly within the NRI markets of Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and London. The company achieved this thru investor-pleasant products, including scholar lodging in Liverpool, mall redevelopment projects in Canada and car parks in Glasgow to India.

Nevertheless, bootstrapped, square Yards does more than 300 monthly transactions and has raked up USD 1.five million in month-to-month sales. Then in April 2015, the enterprise raised a pre-collection investment of USD six million from a collection of HNI buyers. After acquiring understanding, they then went through a duration of inorganic increase in a tech platform for online search and discovery in June and LUXE real estate in Singapore shortly thereafter.

How real estate startup, Square Yards grew to 100+ crores in revenue in 22 months 2
The next section of the era led to growth.

The agency is now pursuing a generation-led boom model and is constructing multi-modal distribution systems. has now evolved into a research portal having functions like town-warmth maps, want-based recommendation engine, score parameters like connectivity, livability, carpet area, and lifestyle for 6,000 number one initiatives and 20,000 unit plans in 12 Indian towns.

Square Yards lately released Scapes, a platform for real estate e-commerce that they sense has the ability to convey the USD two-billion really worth of real property stock online. Its features encompass real-time stock choice, virtual 360-degree walkthroughs, augmented 3-d realty, payments, and portfolio tracking for customers and builders. Through the e-commerce platform, square Yards claims to have bought 350 houses in 19 hours of its launch in July. The corporation is now constructing a pipeline with a grade A builder to transport their subsequent launch inventory online. and CommonFloor have additionally been energetic in leveraging the era to lead their increase. Housing recently acquired Plat and big BHK to strengthen its supply-side portfolio. The corporation changed into a number of the first to introduce map-based totally interface after which launched its ‘slice view’ era. CommonFloor recently launched clever shield, an app to help security guards report traffic motion in communities. Earlier this year, the corporation had launched CF Retina, a virtual truth device based totally on a mixture of Google cardboard. It’s miles an in-residence developed app to help consumers discover properties definitely.

Mobile-led aggregation

more recently, rectangular Yards introduced the launch of a cellular-handiest call for aggregation platform – square join – for actual property brokers, independent monetary retailers, inventory brokerage firms, and economic establishments. The mobile app affords them to get admission to a larger primary actual estate inventory, beginning up greater possibilities to do business outside the modern-day location of operations. Rectangular Yards claims to have enrolled extra than 15,000 real property brokers across 12 one-of-a-kind cities and has also tied up with more than 25 top stock brokerage companies, economic institutions, and on line companies.


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