How Do You Love? 1

How Do You Love?

The English language uses a single phrase to express the extensive spectrum of the means of love: from the “l love you” over a passionate declaration to a casual letter signature that includes “lots of affection.”

Greeks described love in more state-of-the-art phrases, including Eros (Intimacy and Passion), Ludus (Playfulness), Philia (Comradeship), Pragma (Long-Lasting Love), Agape (Love for Everyone), and Philautia (Love of the Self).

The first type of love was Eros, named after the Greek god of fertility. It represents the idea of intimacy, passion, and choice. The Greeks failed to consider it as something wonderful; it was usually perceived as a shape of insanity introduced via Cupid’s arrows. It includes letting go of the visceral and sensual pleasures that could seem scary to a few, while letting cross may be what many human beings are trying to find, even as ingesting and dancing the night away.


– To which quantity do you permit pass?

– Do you feel beaten by the sensations?

– Do you forget about the world in their hands? Are you in a country of drift?

– Do you sense a distinction in your aliveness while you’re along with your accomplice/partner?

The 2nd kind of love is Philia or friendship. It is a dispassionate virtuous love (… ). Furthermore, Philos denotes a popular type of love, used for love among family and friends, a desire or entertainment of activity, and between fans. – Wikipedia.
Another terminology used is Storge for parental love.

For Plato, the greatest form of friendship is that which fans have for each other. Eros transforms into Philia, and lower back in go back feeds Eros to nurture and develop the connection from certainly one of choice to one among better know-how. Real pals share their studies and teach each other accordingly, dwelling fuller lifestyles.

How do you classify your friends (social media pals, drinking buddies, loyal buddies, humorous pals, mentor buddies,… )

How good a deal, Philia, do you have in your existence?

Do you recall your accomplice/partner/courting as your pal? Which type of pal? Would you want it otherwise?

The 0.33 form of love is Ludus, the playful love, referred to as the love between kids or young lovers.

Ludus, meaning “sport” in Latin, is utilized by folks who see love as desiring to laugh with each other, do activities indoors and out of doors, tease, indulge, and play harmless pranks on every other. The acquisition of affection and attention can be a part of the sport.
Ludic fans need to have as good deal of a laugh as possible.- Wikipedia

We’ve all tasted it in the early stages of the relationships, even as flirting and teasing. And we still do when we sit down around giggling with pals or while we go out dancing. While we allow the playfulness to run as though letting move is a rule of thumb for purchasing by using.

Are you playful? Do you experience being playful? No? What might alternate that?

Can you be childlike together? What will it take to allow you to be childlike?

Do you still snort at the other’s jokes? Do you operate puns?

Do you snicker at your clumsiness? Are you capable of chortling at yourself while you are together?

Are you floating in a sea of normalcy? If yes, what would carry your aliveness again? What might make you smile? What would make them smile? Do you even recognize what makes them smile?

Do you laugh without restraint?

Do you enjoy the equal activities? Are you providing new ones?

The fourth love is Pragma. It is love when it matures and grows. The one wherein deep expertise evolved between long-married couples or formerly organized marriages. It specializes in long-term hobbies and personal characteristics in preference to intimacy. Pragma is more about giving love than staying in love, as when the couple first fell in love.


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