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Sports With Sheehan

The hype about sports.

It is quite fascinating to see the incredible impact that sports have on society as a whole. Whether it be a group of older adults, young people, middle-aged, or even with children, one cannot help but have the overwhelming sensation of excitement and glee. Sports help to draw communities together, and it makes a difference in our day-to-day lives. Bigger events such as the world cup or the Olympics gather individuals together to serve as a point around which national pride and unity are shown. Not everything is perfect about sports, but in general, the good outways the bad. It enforces discipline and motivation whiles teaching the athlete never to give up.

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Opportunities with sports

Sports is a billion-dollar industry, especially in the United States of America.  From contracts with Nike, Adidas, Puma, and more to large paychecks when the home team wins championships. From such events, jobs are created, and opportunities are generated. The jobs and opportunities created have less to do with the actual athletes themselves.

Opportunities such as trainers, coaches, referees agents, lawyers, stadium vendors, and even front office personnel are generated from professional sports. Sports also usually encourage and hope to a people or nation that are facing difficult times. It creates a healthy environment and promotes fitness and strength. Football is a trendy sport in the USA. Though it may seem very dangerous when athletes get injured very easily, it is still trendy and unites people worldwide. American football is not restricted to the USA as it is practiced all around the world as well. Places like Australia, where Kevin Sheehan once played for the AFL, are also in full support of this American sport. Most teams are also in great support of organizations and community events, thus giving large donations to charity cases and foundations, which will help the community move forward.


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