How can road freight transport from logistics specialists save you money? 1

How can road freight transport from logistics specialists save you money?

Saving money with road freight

As costs soar for both businesses and consumers, it’s vital to ensure you’re not overpaying for freight transport. And, while air freight is preferred for urgent international consignments, where time permits, leveraging road transport across Europe enables you to keep costs down while still providing an efficient and reliable service. You can also reduce outgoings by engaging a logistics specialist. Let’s take a look at how these choices can save you money.

Capital investment savings

Purchasing and maintaining your fleet vehicles, paying drivers, and covering warehouse costs can greatly impact your bottom line. By outsourcing your European logistics, you can pay for the end-to-end service when needed and put capital expenditure into growing your core business.

Final mile fulfilment

For many businesses, the final mile of delivery accounts for over 50% of total shipping costs, so reducing these costs can be hugely beneficial. Unlike air transport, road freight services will take your goods right to the door of their destination, be it a warehouse, factory, or retailer. As such, there’s no need to arrange additional collection from a freight terminal or load and unload goods unnecessarily. After all, the more handling they require, the higher the likelihood of mistakes or damage.

Lower packaging costs

Road freight has simpler palleting requirements, which means packaging costs are kept lower without any compromise on the safety and security of the consignment. By delivering to Europe via road, you can save on packaging and still get goods to their destination on time and in perfect condition.

Warehousing costs

Many of the leading time-critical logistics specialists offer warehousing services that enable you to keep the cost of storing items low. Businesses pay for the space they need, which can be increased or decreased as necessary, meaning that costs can be kept in line with demand. Contingency and long-term storage are often available, as well as stock replenishment and fulfillment, labeling, and reverse logistics.

The flexibility of the option also means quick turnaround times can be met, and cash flow can be controlled efficiently.

Multiple options

By nature, logistics providers have a large network of contacts, which enables them to select the best services and routes for a given budget. With access to various road freight services, a cost-effective solution that meets the delivery requirements can be found. It may be that your consignment is co-loaded with another that has a destination close by, reducing costs for all involved.

Choosing a logistics expert

Time is business money, so working with a specialist logistics provider for your road freight needs is a smart option. Not only do you avoid expensive overheads, but you also have access to cheaper transport solutions while maintaining the same quality of service and turnaround times. Consider engaging an expert for peace of mind at every stage of delivery.

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