Five Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring a Residential Mover 1

Five Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring a Residential Mover

There is a lot to deal with when you are moving to a new residence – getting rid of unwanted stuff, packing all the necessary items, and overcoming your attachments with the old home. Amidst that, having an expert moving and packing company helps you with smooth and even transition and relocate your precious belongings to their destination with all care.

However, considering that there are hundreds of local and interstate moving companies in Toronto vying for your attention, it is vital to ask the right questions before signing off the deal. To hunt down the best residential movers that are fit for your specific needs, here are five questions you should ask –

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Q1. From how long have you been in the business?

Having an idea about the work experience of potential movers and their year of establishment gives a clear sense of their services. Although their long history will not guarantee high-quality services, a surety that they know how to do their job well and cater to clients, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to sustain themselves for so long.

Q2. Do you carry the necessary licenses?

Every business organization needs legal permission to operate in a community. And hunting for such a company is a way to ensure that it complies with all state laws and regulations. So, if you want to avoid moving scams and fraud movers, ask the company to present its license number and get it verified with the concerned authorities. Also, check their complaint history for your additional safety.

Q3. What kind of liability coverage do you provide?

To hand over your valuable belongings to someone, you need to make sure that they are protected against all damage during transportation. And for that, your professional moving company should offer full liability coverage options. This way, the responsibility of goods handling is on the mover, and you get an assurance of replacement value of lost or damaged goods in return.

Q4. What equipment do you use?

Residential movers need a moving truck and dolly and the right kind of hoisting equipment to handle complex relocations. Besides, if there are more fragile or bulky items, there need to be special gears to handle safe loading and unloading. So, make sure you double-check with your movers if they are equipped to fulfill the job and move things safely.

Q5. What is the estimated cost of my move?

Some movers charge based on weight and distance, while many on an hourly basis. On the other hand, credible moving companies arrange for moving consultants to evaluate the number and types of items you are moving and deliver a cost estimate accordingly. They also assess if any additional services are required for an effective relocation.

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