Direct Selling: The Gateway to Entrepreneurship 1

Direct Selling: The Gateway to Entrepreneurship

Starting From the Ground Up

The decision to become an entrepreneur can be daunting. There is a multitude of decisions to be made before you launch your dream business. From business plans to funding, federal and state tax IDs, your business location—and even your business name and structure—there are a couple of hurdles to opening your business doors. 

And sometimes, determining what to sell is the most difficult part. If you’ve seen an episode of Shark Tank, you know how difficult ensuring your product is marketable can be.

All of this can make you close the doors to your dreams. Fortunately, budding entrepreneurs have a wealth of options. 

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Introducing Direct Selling

Direct selling takes care of all the guesswork. 

This unique business model utilizes independent distributors to market products and services. It’s a great avenue for new entrepreneurs to build a business independently without extensive start-up and overhead costs. 

Direct sellers work independently and have the freedom to build and run their businesses the way they want—but with the support of a company. They have the flexibility to determine their marketing plan, work the hours they want, and share products they love with those around them. It’s business on their terms—they put in as much as they’d like to get out of it. 

89% of direct sellers are busy parents, those who only want to work part-time, caregivers, military spouses, and others who wish to have a work-life balance or the freedom to build a business their way.

So whether or not you have kids, a career, or a side gig, it’s all about balance. And once you’ve found a company you like and products you’re enthusiastic about, it’s as simple as signing up and sharing.

The Benefits

We’ve already discussed the benefit of flexibility that comes with being a direct seller. Let’s delve into other great benefits of starting a business with a direct-selling company. 

  • Empowering Communities—Whether you become a part of a team of direct sellers through the company you sign up with or join a group of fellow direct sellers through social media, there will be a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who can offer support, advice, and camaraderie as you build your business. The direct selling model empowers individuals, and in turn, they empower each other.
  • Personal Connections—One of the keys to a successful direct-selling business is the trust between a seller and the customer. Direct sellers offer one-on-one communication and service, which differs significantly from the traditional retail experience. You can fully personalize your business and decide how to cultivate these customer-to-seller relationships.
  • Working From Home (Or Wherever You Want)—With a business done your way, you can choose where you work. This can benefit stay-at-home moms, college students, or careerists. You don’t have to go into an office or attend meetings at a physical location. Many direct sellers operate solely online through social media; some may take more of the door-to-door approach. Take your business on a road trip, and don’t worry about starting over with a new customer base if you decide to move to a new city. 
  • Products You Care About (With a Discount)—When choosing a company to sign up with, you’ll probably select whose products you currently use, care about, and trust. That makes business marketing easier as you already have an established opinion from using the products. You may already share these products with your friends and family. As a bonus, most direct-selling companies offer discounts to their direct sellers so you can enjoy the products while sharing and selling them—it’s a win-win. 
  • Experience and Leadership Opportunities—Direct selling is great for the entrepreneur newbie since you don’t need previous experience. The company you join often provides training and resources for invaluable support and advice. As you grow your business, you’ll gain experience, and your leadership skills will grow. You’ll gain confidence and may leverage your newfound expertise in any aspect of life you choose to pursue. 

Next Steps

When deciding on a company to partner with, you’ll want to start with companies that are members of the DSA. The DSA protects, promotes, and polices the direct selling industry. They also provide support to their member companies as well as their independent sales forces. Plus, they work with Congress, government agencies, and consumer protection organizations and adhere to a strict code of ethics to ensure they maintain the highest standards for the industry. 

Below are a few member companies with longstanding reputations for their quality and products:

  •  The nutritional and skincare industry prides itself in its science-backed, award-winning products made with only the purest ingredients, stringent quality control measures, and a manufacturing process that’s second to none. They’ve built a brand with loyal distributors and customers who enjoy the benefits of their groundbreaking nutritionals, luxurious skincare, and Active Nutrition foods line to support their customers’ lives in motion. 
  • Scentsy is an international fragrance company that aims to provide high-quality products that “warm the heart, enliven the senses and inspire the soul.” Offering wax warmers and melts, diffusers, and essential oils, Scentsy has become a premier, industry-leading name with licensed Disney products and a huge selection of home and personal fragrance products.
  • Pampered Chef produces high-quality kitchen tools, from cookware and bakeware to small appliances. Their purpose is “enriching lives, one meal and memory at a time.” Their products are made to last and promote innovative cooking and enjoyable mealtimes. And they boast a worldwide sales force of about 35,000 people. 

Whether you choose one of the three above or many other DSA member companies, direct selling provides an excellent entry into entrepreneurship. From community to flexibility, direct selling is about doing what you love on your terms. Find a company and products you care about and turn your business-owning dreams into a reality. 


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