5 Traits to Look for in Property Tax Advisors

A good business owner knows that the best way to access special skills that they lack is to enlist the help of an experienced professional. With the complexities of property tax, having a good property tax advisor by your side can make the difference between effective tax reductions or hikes in tax bills.

Now, it’s one thing to understand the necessity of partnering with a proper tax specialist, and it’s another to identify useful traits that would ensure a profitable partnership.

Here are 5 traits to look for in a property tax expert.

They are suitably qualified

When you are in search of a property tax advisor, you need someone who possesses the required certification. While experience is an equally determining factor, credentials indicate that the individual has gone through extensive training and testing to acquire their knowledge.

It is also a pointer towards their ability to stay up to date with tax laws and regulations within and outside your jurisdiction.


They understand your goals

Even without extensive knowledge of property tax, you must have a general idea of your financial goals and how you expect your tax assessment to read.

For example, when you discover that the assessed value on your tax bill is much higher than it should be, your property tax advisor ought to understand the need to begin the appeal process immediately and implement effective strategies to ensure that the appeal is successful.

They are effective communicators

A partnership cannot be sustained without effective communication.

A good property tax advisor is one who isn’t hesitant to engage in conversations about potential opportunities for tax reductions, initiatives that can help simplify your taxation problems, and one who is always on hand to answer whatever questions you might have.

If your tax advisor appears impatient when you ask questions about complicated terms, or has trouble simplifying such complexities so you can easily understand, then he or she is probably not a good match.

They are always available

You do not want a tax specialist who’s only ever around when your tax assessment rolls in. Such unreliability does not bode well for you or your business.

Tax management is a year-long responsibility, and any specialist worth his salt would always be available to handle whatever requests may come up at any time of the day.

The availability of your property tax advisor is also crucial for occasions when tax officials in your jurisdiction request data on your portfolio or inspections at the drop of a hat.

They are ethical

While most of the traits above have to do with the services your tax advisor can render, it’s equally important to determine what lengths they would go to ensure that your needs are met.

Looking through client reviews of potential property tax specialists can help you clarify whether or not they’ve been subject to any disciplinary actions or complaints due to unethical behavior.

A good tax advisor operates with integrity, with full knowledge and respect for the law, so irrespective of your financial situation or goals, he or she must be willing to toe the line at all times.